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Our story 

Our brand

Our Jewelry is produced through a conscious process with a sacred intention, and each piece imparts a benefit to the wearer.

Crystals carry unique vibrations and frequencies and at Crystalline Goddess creations we pride ourselves in harnessing the best of all of these properties and crystal medicine by keeping them cleansed and clear throughout their creation process. 

Sacred mantras are infused in them as well as the unconditional loving energy of Reiki brining calming healing energies to the wearer. 

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the designer

From very early on, Aravel loved gems and minerals.

This love lead her on a magical journey to discover one of her true passions in life - bringing forth beautiful creations that  look and  feel amazing.

She did not know she was inherently connected to the mineral kingdom when she began her path to follow her heart's calling. It wasn't until her later years, when she became a healer and experienced the Crystals responding to her, that she could actually feel, hear, and taste them. 

These days she allows her conscious mediumship to guide her in designing, as well as connecting, the perfect gem and crystal creations for those who feel called to her work.

Aravel is in highest alignment when working with all her Crystal designs -  as every single one of her Crystal creations are cleansed in an impeccable way, and then fully infused with the Reiki energy of unconditional love and the light of peace. 


Her unique gifts working with Crystal Skulls comes forth so that ALL of her Crystal Skulls in Jewelry,
or loose, are either Pre-Activated or Fully Activated Crystal Skulls. This means that the Crystal Skulls that she offers have an enlivened consciousness within them or have begun their enlivening process.

Aravel's creations are in a league all their own.  It's not a surprise that when someone experiences the light and love in the Crystalline Goddess creation they often find themselves wanting to come back for more.  


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