Aravel was fascinated with stones and crystals since she was a little girl and that love eventually 

led her into a 25 year career as a certified graduate jeweler gemologist and proprietor of a fine jewelry business.


After many years of working her successful storefront business, 

she took a pause in her career for her own personal transformation. During this time, 

she dove deep into her soul and heart and it was revealed to her that she was a

naturally gifted healer and medium. She dedicated over 10 years to explore and

grow this part of herself. 


She re-emerged back into creating jewelry, except now her hands and

heart are fully involved in the handcrafting process of each piece.


Inspiration and new designs are shown to her during her quiet, meditative times and then she is inspired to craft what she has just seen.

 Working in this way for Aravel is exciting, joyful, and of course is always new and fresh!


Those who have her heart-inspired pieces share enthusiastically

how amazing they look and feel when they wear them!

Aravel has decades of hands-on experience with Platinum, Gold, Palladium, Titanium and Silver metals.

Crystals and gems, from precious to semi-precious, are always at Aravel's fingertips and her

gemology training continues to be utilized in combining ideal gemstones with the most appropriate metals to provide a supportive energetic within a beautifully handcrafted piece.

LA/Santa Fe

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