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Aravel Garduno is a powerful healer and a gifted conscious medium, 

who’s great mission in life is joyfully lighting the path of the heart for others.


A fascination with gemstones led to her becoming a

Certified Gemologist by her twenties, ultimately building a successful 

jewelry business designing fine jewelry


In her late thirties, life lessons and growth sparked a personal inner jewel exploration -

with a yearning to know her own true divine expression. As she began her 

self-inquiry, she was inspired to use crystals in transforming her own world.  

Aravel discovered that her sense of Self shifted from being created from her mind,

to a new and more authentic expression birthed from her heart.


Through her powerful and inherent connection with the mineral kingdom,

a unique transformational body of work called Crystalline Consciousness emerged. 


For more than a decade, Aravel has passionately shared her crystalline work with thousands of individuals through private sessions, workshops and retreats,

 where participants experience profound healing, transformation and empowerment. 

Enhancing her crystalline healing work, Aravel deepened her healing protocols by

incorporating Shamanic Earth lineages that connected her more deeply to the Earth Mother, Devas and Elementals. This integration provided a potent foundation for her own

Empowered Goddess within to be fully embodied.


Aravel fearlessly continues to pursue what sets her heart and soul on fire,

sharing her gifts generously with everyone she meets - passionately guiding all to come 

into their full power, find their voice, and connect with their heart's truth.

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