We are delighted to present to you our unique, dramatic, and whimsical crystal and crystal skull jewelry.

Each piece has been designed and handcrafted by Aravel using her decades of gemology training, design, and manufacturing experience, giving birth to these very special crystal creations.

Our jewelry is produced through a conscious process of sacred intention and each piece imparts a benefit to the wearer. Crystals carry unique vibrations and frequencies, such as the calming of rose quartz, or the clarity of clear quartz, offering the perfect support to your body and soul. 

2020 is a powerful time of shift and transformation, and Crystalline Goddess can provide you the perfect crystal jewels that will support your personal evolution throughout the year. 

Please keep visiting us for our very latest brilliant and exuberant fusions of beautiful and transformative cutting edge crystal jewelry creations.

Praise about the work

DEC 30, 2018 ~ Thank you, I love it!! I can't wait to take it on my trip.  So grateful!!!

Micala Marie

Los Angeles, Ca

DEC 23, 2018 ~ Thank You Aravel. I am not great with  tech/apps and wasn't sure how to chime in but did want to share. 

First was new earth. .. skies with multiple colours, both day and night, lots of nature but cities too.

Then time with nature spirits playing freely....because they finally can.  

Then physical healing  of my body.  

Then under sea  findings of ruins and secret crystals. 

A tinge to send love was given and a quiet peace to just receive. 

Thank you,  Thank you,  Thank you! 

Directly after I  went outside to find a gift.  It was on the table I pass by numerous times a day including earlier this morning, next to a shell that was upright but had been turned over.  Wow! Thank you again!  And Blessings to All! is all I have left to say right now. 

Love, Annie

Anne Soles

Ventura, Ca

DEC 5, 2018 ~ Working with Aravel is incredible alchemy in its truest form. The sacred space that she holds for pure transformation, both individually and globally, is nothing short of mystical. Her connection to source and the lineages that work through her are a unique blend of pure, divine essence which create a transformative experience and brings healing to a whole new level. 

Maria Muir


DEC 11, 2018 ~ Oh Lord, yesterday’s transmission was beautiful!

It was a DOOZY!!!  I got to walk on Mother Earth and release anger and cry!!

OMG!! Thank you so much Aravel

DEC 23, 2018 ~ Thank you so very much for this lovely surprise healing webcast this morning!!! I wanted to share that I believe that I was receiving a major 3rd eye activation during your transmission. My 3rd eye saw indigo steadily throughout the Healing. As well as bright orange and some images. It made me smile!!!  Thank you with all my heart again!!! ️

Cathy Provines


NOV 24, 2018 ~ Thank u for holding space for miracles to took place for all. Bringing some Heaven on Earth is truly a beautiful feeling. I did feel the divine energies working on me; I was really over due on such a deep over haul. I am filled with gratitude as my soul transmutes my old programming. Downloading the new has me feeling like cha cha cha!

Deborah Romero

Ventura, CA

NOV 12, 2018 ~ For some years I have beginning training in the medical and healer area. It takes place 2 - 3 times a year on a weekend. Last weekend it was time again. In the process, I realized how much I was able to connect with the spiritual world. And also how strong my ancestral field has become and how far back they stood behind me. It was a great experience for me and I am so thankful. Without the work with the crystal skulls and also your healing sessions I probably would not be this far yet. THANK YOU!!! And then I wanted to tell you last time from the experience on November 12th, I did not have internet that day. But I knew that you were offering it. I sat down quietly around the time and inwardly connected with you and focused on you. Presented to me your hands and the energy. Aravel ..... it was very, very intense. I had the feeling that it was almost more intense than usual. Maybe because I had to concentrate very much ... no idea?!? But it was very, very interesting that it works.  THANK YOU!!!

Karin Kreamer


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