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This is your written-out jewelry order specifications on all of the confirmed points we have agreed to regarding this custom fine jewelry order:
Special Order deposit is 50% plus the tax - noted in this website portal.
Once this order is complete, another link with the remaining balance will be created and issued for the remaining balance - paid for in full before shipment.
With as close as possible in look, style and feel - to the bands currently in your possession - we are going
to make TWO (Platinum) Diamond Eternity Bands:
One in a size 6.5, and the other in a size 7 ish in order to maintain the same size diamonds on both rings.
The second ET band will have one extra diamond and be a slightly larger ring size than the first one.
Size 6 1/2 finger size.
Approximately a size 7 ish for the second ET band.
U - Setting style.
Platinum 90% with a noble alloy metal.
Regarding the Diamonds for the ET ring bands:
We have also noted that all of the diamonds on both ET bands will be 2.2 mm size diamonds - which are very close to .04ct each. Please know that measurement will take precedence over the exact weight of each diamond.
The diamonds also will be set in the U-style setting (like the sample you currently have).
Diamond Quality: Very good full cut 58 faceted diamonds of VS1, VS2 clarity with an average of G,H color throughout.

Platinum Bands