Aravel Garduno is a gifted conscious medium and healer with 14 years of experience offering private sessions, group sessions, healing workshops and retreats. Though very experienced with her mediumship, she also has been initiated in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki three levels and has completed the Crystalline Light Body School as well as the Shamanic Practitioner Light

Body Training.

Serving with her healing gift is a priority to Aravel which continues to inspire her

to further heal and evolve herself in order to offer her clients the highest healing service she can. 

  • Reiki Healing is a very powerful sweet deep healing energy that works on everything including situation and financial healing. 

  • Crystalline Healing facilitates a higher crystalline matrix for individuals ready to step into their next level of evolution and service.


Aravel’s healing gift puts you back in touch with your hearts truth and into alignment with your highest divine soul purpose and expression. 


Skull Activations / Skull Trainings with

Aravel Garduno

If you have a skull, know that any item carved into an image of a skull connects up to the 13 

original skull consciousness ONLY. 

My name is Aravel Garduno and I have been working with skulls for over 10 years and my DNA was imprinted by MAX the Ancient Crystal Skull a decade ago.

MAX by the way is the overseer of the 12 other Crystal Skulls with some Skulls in the physical and other Skulls on the etheric level. 
To start the process I take all skulls that I have and pre-activate them which means that  the skull or skulls have begun the process but have not been fully enlivened. Any skull purchased from me has begun the pre-activation process and means that all skulls and skull jewelry purchased from me have been pre-activated

In order to Fully Activate your skulls what needs to be done is the activation of bringing in an enlivening

of the consciousness to the skull. I facilitate this process one one one on Zoom pls see below.

LA/Santa Fe

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