Compatible Crystal Skulls

All Crystal Skulls carry within them a consciousness that works through them. Depending on how and who consciously or unconsciously carved the Crystal Skull - will determine what kind of level of consciousness that will be working through it. When and if a Crystal Skull bumps up and evolves enough, it moves into another higher level of service which involves working more intimately with an individual. These kind of crystal skull workers are generally more compatible with an individual in ways that are not understandable with the mind. One specific consistency that I have personally noticed, is that their is a compatibility with the DNA and soul contract. Because of this, these skulls can feel close to what a twin flame relationship feels like and one could feel deep love in one moment for them and in the next moment feel totally opposite. If you are drawn to work with one of these and you are ready to do so, they can offer you deeper levels of healing. These Divine Crystal Skulls are also called Merger Skulls which are tools of transformation that take you to the next level. These skulls are available and can be viewed in person in Los Angeles or Online.

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