Emerging the New

A new and amazing cycle is upon us...we are being invited to eclipse out our old roles in order to allow the NEW to emerge. This upcoming August and September are monumental times for all of humanity and our planet. As the external landscapes change, the internal terrain also will be invited to change. Change is part of the norm now as our planet continues to rise in frequency accelerating our awakening and raising of our consciousness.

Though due to our busy lifestyles many of us have outdated energetic systems that are still operating on the old programs because simply put, we have not taken enough time in nature, stillness or quietude to facilitate this for us organically.

As a result, all of us can greatly benefit from receiving a DNA Crystalline Healing. Which is a powerful alchemical transmission offered by the Crystalline Lineages working thru conscious medium Aravel that can effectively move you from the carbon base matrix to the crystalline light matrix.

When the benevolent Crystalline healing energies are ignited in you, they allow you to more easily access the expanding knowledge that lives within you.

Your physical body responds by holding and assimilating more light within your being more efficiently. Powerfully supporting you to flow in these new times as well as move you into higher levels of consciousness effortlessly.

This Sacred Alchemy is a gift to humanity and is being offered at Jai Rhythm in the auspicious month of September.

Join Aravel & the Crystalline Lineages that work through her on September 23rd for a special and unique Crystalline Activation, Initiation and Upgrade.

Be fully immersed in the Divine Crystalline energies for expansion, growth and transformation.

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