5 Tips to Navigate Mercury Retrograde

This period can actually be a super positive one... During Mercury Retrograde the subconscious mind is on more equal footing with the conscious mind than normal. It is a time when evolution on a subconscious level is possible, which is a great opportunity because we don’t always have access to that level of thought.

Five Tips...

1.) It's a great time to change habits. Like start a new workout regimen, or begin a meditation practice, you’ll find it easier during Mercury Retrograde to do this. 2.) A little introspection will go a long way. Self-knowledge and self-awareness during this time—when you’re literally ‘hearing’ subconscious thoughts a bit louder—let you make deeper discoveries. If you just observe this mindfully, by the time Mercury goes direct you can let things go; you can move into a new life. 3.) New Mantra's during Mercury Retrograde will be super powered. Because we have more access to the subconscious mind, we have more influence. So if you want to adopt a mantra during this time, it’s really a useful tool. Your subconscious mind will absorb it, and you’ll be better able to integrate that mantra into your conscious mind. 4.) Your creativity will be off the charts.The key is to not judge or edit yourself as you create. Yes, good idea to keep track of your drafts and your process...but don’t be too quick to believe the judgments in your head. Through the process of Mercury retrograde you can be very prolific, with a lot of subconscious stuff coming up. Just keep going and doing the work and you will later understand it in a different and deeper way. 5.) You’ll be more intuitive.Because the veil is much thinner during this time you will find that you will know things that were not so apparent to you. Kinda like you are more clued in to what is really happening. As of late, I personally have begun to enjoy the planet Mercury moving backwards because it is a special time designated for all of us to become clearer and more in alignment with our hearts truth.

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