What is your Complimentary House?

Each of the twelve signs has an opposite sign that is its exact opposite sign. Even though one might think because of the extreme differences between the preferences and tendencies of the opposing or opposite signs. It is quite surprising how many couples are well suited when coupled with their opposite.

It really does not exist..quite on the contrary, opposites are complimentary and attract each other, as what makes them different and sometimes opposite is also what unifies them.

There are advantages and weak points to opposite duets though but under the deep inside of their exterior, these two signs do not at all share the same nature or the same concepts and inculcate totally different life patterns, a kind accordance is still possible and their differences can generate secret affinities and fabulous complicity.

Everyone can get enriched by virtue of the qualities of their opposite sign. If both of them are capable of offering concessions, then the probable constraints will give way to a veritable fusion!

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